Thoroughbred Sales, Pedigree Analysis, European Imports

Ballysax Bloodstock LLC, a commercial thoroughbred sales consignment and bloodstock company formed by Carl and Rachel McEntee, has commenced operations. The company’s primary focus will be sales consignment, in addition to offering pedigree and breeding analysis, appraisals, and private purchases with an emphasis on European imports and syndicated management. Carl, who most recently served as Director of Sales and Bloodstock for Darby Dan Farm, commented: “Ballysax will be representing clients in both the commercial and private market. The idea of being able to provide an individualized service to each client that Ballysax represents, coupled with the continued growth in the market, has provided the optimum timing for such a venture.”  

After years of dedication to the thoroughbred industry I was fortunate with the support of long term clients and friends to open Ballysax Bloodstock. This company is formed with, by and for FAMILY.The sales arena is one fraught with decisions on minute to minute basis, that directly affect the outcome of the sale of your horse. Choosing a consignor is the most important decision you will make, every moment in that horses life has been carefully planned with finite detail. This juncture is no different. 


* The key to any successful business is communication, in the sales market that takes on a life of its own. It's the communication with the client foremost, but communicating with the perspective buyers and the relationships formed with those buyers that allows Ballysax to maximize your horses potential sales price.

* Our sales team is present at every show that your horse is inspected, we can relay real time feedback to both our clients and the potential buyers. Ballysax Bloodstock operates under  the fact we are big enough to serve you, but small enough to know you.

* We believe that our journey starts at conception and not in the three days prior to your horse entering the sales ring. Ballysax is a family business and as such are available to our clients at all times. We provide monthly inspection updates and continuing appraisals. Information in this industry is of paramount importance. Without such, an informed decision cannot be made.